Monday, 21 June 2010

BP & The Upcoming Distraction

Originally Published & Distributed 21st June 2010

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The response to my recent Newsletter 'BP & Population Reduction' has been most illuminating. I received two Emails from correspondents claiming to be BP employees; each implying that my representation of events leading up to the destruction of the BP Horizon rig is actually acknowledged within BP as being very close to the truth! If this is the case the management of BP are guilty of extreme negligence. The reality is that BP is unlikely to survive the disaster and word on the Stock Market rumour mill is that BP may file for Chapter 11 before the end of the summer!

GOVERNMany might argue that this is ultimate justice for years of corporate arrogance, not least for BP's role in initiating the overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian Government of Mossedeq in 1953; all because he had the audacity to perceive that the mineral wealth of Iran should be utilised for the benefit of the Iranian people.

Meanwhile, the lack of transparency surrounding the status of the drama unfolding in the Gulf of Mexico is indicative of the fact that the USA is on the brink of explicit Totalitarianism, as the media blackout is enforced and Martial Law is in place in all but name around the Gulf of Mexico. From my sources inside the Oil Industry I am advised that the following measures are being applied:

1). Cameras are being removed from the personal effects of all oilfield personal flying to and from rigs in the Gulf of Mexico in an effort to prevent the magnitude of the expanding slick being illustrated graphically on web blogs.

2). No-go areas are in effect where the slick has now reached the shoreline, with BP 'security' personnel colluding with representatives of numerous Law enforcement agencies to confiscate cameras and threaten the curious with immediate arrest in they do not agree to leave the area immediately.

3). In a situation reminiscent of the immediate aftermath of 9/11 and one of outrageous corporate 911arrogance, Clean-up personnel are being threatened with dismissal if they insist on wearing protective masks against the toxic fumes being generated from the combination of hydro-carbons and dispersants; all due to BP & the Federal Government's desire to pretend that 'everything is under control'! Let's not forget that the majority of first-responders from 9/11 are either dead or suffering from acute respiratory diseases which developed as a direct result of carrying out their duties in a highly toxic environment but being lied to by the Federal Government, who advised there was nothing to worry about as the air had been tested and been given the 'all clear'.

Meanwhile, other oilfield sources suggest that the true outflow rate of the BP created haemorrhage is in excess of 100,000 barrels per day (or approximately 0.5% of the total US daily oil consumption) and spewing at pressures in excess of 200,000; which would account for the inability to get the blowout under control by orthodox oilfield technology. This would also account for the apparent paranoia surrounding the various prognoses for this event. Such concerns also add weight to the rumour has it that the US Federal Government has issued the US Military with instructions to draw up plans for the forced evacuation of 40million residents in the South-Eastern United States! Readers of my previous Newsletter will be aware of the potential dangers to freshwater sources as the Hurricane season gets underway!

LAWThe Irony of this being that if such a forced evacuation would undoubtedly benefit Halliburton, who have held the maintenance contract of the archipelago of FEMA camp dotted throughout the US. It should also be noted that it was Halliburton who were responsible for the Cement of the Production Casing. The failure of which ultimately led to the blowout occurring. Many readers will also be aware that Halliburton in made the synchronistic acquisition of Boots & Coots (one of the top four Companies specialising in dealing with oilfield blow-outs) on April 12th, just eight days before the BP Horizon disaster. Boots & Coots are renowned for always turning up for work in pristine white Nomex coveralls. Indeed, I have 'Ace' of B&C to thank for my initiation into wild well technology in Kuwait in the immediate aftermath of Gulf War1.

As awareness increases regarding the magnitude of the Gulf disaster, stay vigilant for other supposedly acausal events occurring as the Federal Government attempts to divert attention. If the San Andreas Fault lets rip anytime with a 6.0 in the next few weeks, I be inclined to suspect some sleight of hand!
Meanwhile it has never been more important for all proponents of an alternative global vision to come together. Those who would continue to rule the planet through death & destruction, both in Human and Ecological terms are now fighting a rearguard action. On May 15th Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke to a meeting of the Council on Foreign Relations declaring that one of the biggest threats to establishing a One World Government is the rapid Political Awakening of the masses ... what he didn't mention but wrote about in his 1970 book, 'Between Two Ages - The Tehnetronic Era', is the phenomenon of spiritual awakening occurring throughout the world.

LUMONow is the time for all who have an alternative vision to come together. Today I will participate in the process of Munay-Ki (, as part of my commitment to utilise whatever intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacity I may have to bring about a world where humanity can reach its full potential, free from economic, intellectual and spiritual bondage.

Until next time. . Homo Luminous will prevail.

Kindest Regards

Ian R Crane

Monday, 14 June 2010

BP & Population Reduction

Originally Published & Distributed 14th June 2010

The ecological travesty unfolding as a direct result of the BP Horizon blow-out may well go down in history as the turning point in the relationship between the planet and the Globalist economic addiction to oil. Many people in the oil industry are very well aware that viable, cheaper, cleaner, more efficient energy sources have been developed since the days of Tesla.
Indeed the patents for many of these alternatives are owned by major oil industry stake-holders!

As everyone involved in this ecological outrage appears to be adopting the CYA (Cover Your Ass) posture, some interesting information is working its way through the oilfield grapevine. As a recipient of the Schlumberger dollar for almost 20 years, I still follow the fortunes of the Company with more than a passing interest. Although it was upsetting to learn that 11 oilfield hands lost their lives in the rig explosion, I was relieved to learn that no SLB personnel were on the rig at the time. However, it has now been formally acknowledged that two Schlumberger Wireline employees were on the BP Horizon rig but departed at 11.00. However, it seems that there are two versions as to exactly what transpired in the hours leading up to their departure.

The official version of events is that the two SLB Engineers were on the rig to run a CBL (Cement Bond Log), the test that ultimately determines the integrity of the cement holding the production casing to the formation. The Cementing operation having been completed by Haliburton. However, BP's Company Man decided not to run the test (why not?) and told the SLB guys that they could get the next scheduled helicopter off the rig.

However, there is an extremely disturbing rumour that suggests a rather different series of events! The SLB Wireline personnel were called to the rig specifically to run the CBL test. However, they discovered that the well was still 'kicking; something that should definitely not be occurring at this stage of the proceedings and a pretty good indicator that there was a serious problem with the well-completion process. As a result of this, the SLB Wireline Engineer supposedly advised the Company Man that the well needed to be 'Shut in', either by pumping a heavier density mud (drilling fluid) or activating the BOP (Blow Out Preventer). The word on the vine is that the BP Company Man rejected this advice and the SLB Engineers immediately demanded to be evacuated from the rig. There being no scheduled helicopter, SLB management apparently responded to their Engineers request for immediate evacuation by flying out a charter 'copter. It is agreed by all parties that the SLB Engineers left the rig at 11.00am. The rig exploded six hours later.

If there is any substance to these allegations, the BP Company Man has a lot to answer for ...
including the lives of 11 oilfield hands. The truth is unlikely to be established outside a Court Room as the incestuous oil industry closes ranks.

Meanwhile, who knows exactly how much oil is gushing into the Gulf of Mexico? BP has been spinning events in a pathetic attempt at damage limitation. The impact on the fishing and shrimp industries is enormous; shipping lanes to the Gulf Ports have not been dramatically affected as yet but as the slick expands and deepens, it could ultimately bring shipping to a standstill.

However, the real threat is not yet being discussed. June 1st marked the start of the Hurricane season. Multiple Hurricanes and Tropical storms will make their way through the Gulf over the next four months. Each sucking up enormous quantities of sea water that is now not only polluted by oil but also by the outrageously toxic dispersants being used by BP in an attempt to break up a slick rapidly advancing upon the ecologically sensitive coastline either side of the Mississippi and the beaches of Florida. The most potent dispersant is known as COREXIT 9500, manufactured by NALCO.

Apart from the enormous sums of money now flowing into NALCO's corporate accounts, the real issue is the potential devastation that will be brought about by the toxic rainfall deposited throughout the South-Eastern United States in the coming months. As dispersants find their way into the precipitation and then penetrate the topsoil prior to entering the water table, the potential for the whole are becoming a waste land is a very real possibility.
As the prevailing winds head west, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that see a marked increase in the toxicity of rainfall in Europe over the Winter months!

Some religious fundamentalists are already linking this prognosis to the karmic effect from US depleted uranium poisoning the Iraqi water table and food chain. As the drama continues to unfold and Obama gets another opportunity to demonstrate his total ineffectiveness, the hegemonic psycho-sociopaths are rubbing their hands at the prospect of a very real opportunity to see the process addressed by the first objective listed on the Georgia Guide Stones being initiated ... all thanks to British Petroleum!


All the above serves to aid and abet the media in keeping and analysis and/or comment of Israel's continued attempts to maintain Gaza as the world's largest concentration camp ... not to mention the recent weekend gathering of the Bilderberger fraternity in the Spanish Mediterranean town of Sitges, where much there was reportedly much discussion about the perceived threat to the globalist agenda from those who have any degree of financial independence.

These sick Bilderberger/CFR/Trilateralist puppies just have no idea what they're up against! As Homo Luminous emerges from the illusion of consumerist materialism, refusing to rise to the bait of manufactured drama, those who delude themselves that they are the rightful rulers of a planetary fiefdom will be left arguing amongst themselves.

Either way, Homo Luminous will prevail.

Kindest Regards

Ian R Crane

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Friday, 4 June 2010

Murder Most Foul ... Right On Cue!

Originally published & distributed 4th June 2010

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A few days ago Israeli Commandos attacked a flotilla in International waters a few days ago but just as it is revealed that the Zionist stormtroopers had a list of assassination targets, something occurs which wipes all debate and analysis about this incident off the front pages of the mainstream media. Just how lucky can Benjamin Netanyahu and his fellow antagonists get? Just as the world is getting ready to probe the details of the latest Israeli outrage, a reclusive cab driver steps up to the plate and commits a totally out-of-character atrocity that dominates the first six pages of every National Newspaper in the UK.

What the f*ck is going on? Another 'lone gunman' with no apparent history of violence or interest in firearms goes on a rampage, killing 12 people in just three hours ... right on cue to take the media attention away from Benjamin Netanyahu and his fellow Zionist hegemonists!

At this stage of the game, these two events appear to have absolutely zero connectivity but I am going to be watching this one unfold like the proverbial hawk. There is something about the Cumbrian massacre which is setting off every intuitive alarm bell in my suspicious mind. It has now been revealed that Mr Bird recently received a mystery payment of £60,000, for which the Inland Revenue were supposedly investingating him. This being touted as the reason he lost the plot and committed these heinous murders. It is remarkable that the victims of supposed 'random killings' were all local people; despite the incident occuring in an area crawling with tourists at this time of year! I am going to be very interested in seeing whether the ballistics reports, autopsies and eventual inquests and Inquiry are conducted with an appropriate degree of transparency. I have to confess that I will not exactly fall off my chair in shock, horror or even disbelief if we see a repeat of Dunblane, where a significant chunk of the evidence made available to the enquiry was sealed for 100 years! Nothing to hide there then, eh?

Meanwhile, it is imperative that we keep the latest Zionist crime against humanity in the forefront of our thoughts. It is a little over 60 years since the creation of the state of Israel. In that time the Zionist Israeli government has shown total disregard for the international community by ignoring 135 UN resolutions calling for either withdrawal from the occupied territories or simply granting basic humanitarian treatment towards the Palestinian people.

The fact that the Zionist leadership can act with such impunity and rely on there being a minimalist political or media reaction, is a sorry reflection on the likes of Barak Obama and Princess Dave ... and speaks volumes about who is really calling the shots (no pun intended!). Let's not forget that the arch-Zionist Milliband brothers are being touted as prime candidates for the leadership of the Labour party! With a Miliband at the helm of the ersatz left, don't be surprised to see another contrived election, with the sole objective of placing a Zionist muppet in No. 10. The primary purpose being to ensure that the Zionist hegemonic agenda can continue to be perpetrated with impunity. Don't forget that as Foreign Secretary David Miliband didn't exactly get too upset when it was revealed that the Mossad assassins of Mahmoud al-Mabhouh used fake(?) British Passports to enter Dubai!

We must also acknowledge that Bush, Blair and Lloyd Blankfein (Chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs (and a prime-mover of the global economic meltdown) have all, at some juncture, declared themselves to be doing god's work. One of the reasons Tony Blair's Faith Foundation is located at Yale is because the proposition attracted unadulterated ridicule at the London School of Economics. The other reason was to facilitate Blair's induction into Skull & Bones.

If anyone is in any doubt about the ultimate genocidal objectives harboured by the International Zionists, they should read Ilan Pappe's book 'The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine' published in 2007. Pappe is Professor of History at Exeter University and has been vilified by the Zionists but applauded by the multitude of Jewish people who are now realising that the Zionist agenda is an outrageous abuse of the Jewish people. Strange that we never read about the increasing activities of Jewish protest groups within Israel, as Netanyahu uses techniques for the suppression of dissent that are straight out of any totalitarian handbook.

Let's be sure that the efforts of those who endeavour to bring relief the besieged Palestinian people and particularly those that have sacrificed their lives in pursuit of humanitarian justice are remembered and revered long into the future.
We are proud to have provided a platform at recent Alternative View events to both David Halpin (AV1 & AV2) & Cynthia McKinney (AV3). Both David & Cynthia were on board the MS Dignity when it was rammed by the Israeli Navy in December of 2008. David is convinced that the objective of the 4am attack was to sink the relief vessel in the deepest part of the Mediterranean; an incident which was yet another blatant breach of international Maritime Law.

Cynthia & David were undeterred and were both on their way to Gaza aboard the Greek flagged 'Spirit of Humanity in the summer of 2009, only to be arrested and detained by the Israeli security forces. Despite the fact that Cynthia had been the Green Party Presidential Candidate in the 2008 US elections, the silence from Barak Obama was deafening!

I was recently presented with a book titled, 'Is it me ... or is everything turning to sh*t?'
I think we all know the answer to this rhetorical question! However, there is much hope.
On May 15th Zbigniew Brzezinski gave a presentation at the Council on Foreign Relations where he acknowledged that the rapid global political awakening was a significant threat to the objective of establishing a One World Government ... what he didn't mention was the thing that really scares the crap out of these psycho-sociopaths, is the phenomenal rate of Spiritual Awakening, which they do not seem to be able to stop despite the Bio-Spiritual campaign of vaccinations, GM foods, fluoridated water, chemtrails, digital Wi-Fi, economic slavery, dumbed-down education and media saturation.

Humanity is awakening and will undoubtedly get to play at the next level very soon.
My final word (for the time being) to the sanctimonious globalists is, "Either you're with us ... or you're on your own."

Either way, Homo Luminous will prevail.

Kindest Regards

Ian R Crane

PS. Over the next few days I will be mailing out a Newsletter with my analysis of the BP Horizon disaster, revealing the potential enormity of this ecological outrage. The effects of this event could potentially make the entire South-Eastern United States, North Western Mexico, Cuba and the West Indies totally uninhabitable. More to follow ....