Tuesday, 13 July 2010

COREXIT ... Bringing Death to a Family near you!

Originally Published & Distributed 13th July 2010

Would you have taken your children to Chernobyl after the nuclear reactor meltdown? Of course not, so why on earth would you take them to Florida when the sea and air have been poisoned with in excess of 1.1million gallons of COREXIT ... on top of an estimated 300+millon gallons of crude ... & rising?

Upon my recent return from Peru, I was shocked by the absence of any report on the Gulf of Mexico in the mainstream media! 85 days after the BP Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, the damaged well continues to spew out an estimated 100,000 barrels per day and with the coastal areas of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida effectively under Martial Law; yet I had to reach page 51 in The Times before finding any mention of the greatest ecological disaster to have befallen the planet! The following day, the Daily Mail ran an article considering the merits of attempting to seal the gusher by setting off a 'controlled' nuclear explosion under the Gulf of Mexico in an attempt to seal the reservoir ... and this was on page 37! Consequently, the uninitiated could be forgiven for thinking that the situation in the Gulf of Mexico was under control; nothing to worry about ... old news!

Initially I found this rather baffling as I was receiving (and continue to receive) daily bulletins from my oilfield contacts, advising that the severity of the situation is such that they fear for the well-being of the South-Eastern United States in the short term ... and the survival of the planet in the longer term! So why the apparent news blackout in the UK? Well, it has taken me a few days to join the dots but the reason is now very clear to me.

Despite researchers, reporters and news crews being threatened with felony charges if they should persist in taking photographs or filming the oil-soaked wildlife and shoreline, and being threatened with immediate arrest and jail if they report on clean-up workers being hospitalised with respiratory difficulties; word is filtering out. The vast majority of US based vacationers are already cancelling any plans to head towards the affected states of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida in the coming months. BP has already paid out almost $40million in compensation to small businesses in these states and is expecting to receive further claims in the coming months.Death

Meanwhile, the Florida resorts of Miami, Orlando and Tampa rely heavily on the massive influx of British tourists, mainly families; often combining a week of theme park action in Orlando with a week on the quieter west coast beaches around Tampa, Naples and St. Petersburg, Sanibel Island and the unfortunately named Clearwater.

Whilst the British Foreign Office website advises caution if travelling in Gaza or Southern Israel, there is no such counsel offered for the thousands of British families about to fly unwittingly into the great unknown and play Russian Roulette with not only their own health but those of their descendants.

Dr. Sylvia Earle, a respected Marine Biologist is extremely concerned about the unknown effects of dispersant chemicals. In an interview published in the current edition of New Scientist, Dr Earle says, "If they put dispersants into any body of water without the presence of oil, people would be up in arms about the release of such toxic substances but because they are being applied in the name of remediation people stand by and says it's OK. But it isn't OK at all; it's making the Gulf a big experiment with no baseline to judge the real consequences."

The dispersants causing greatest concern are COREXIT 9500 and the even more toxic COREXIT 9527A. Corexit 9527 is stated by its manufacturer to be potentially harmful to red blood cells, the kidneys and the liver. The chemical 2-butoxyethanol, found in Corexit 9527, was identified as having caused lasting health problems in workers involved in the cleanup of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. According to the Alaska Community Action on Toxics, the use of Corexit during the Exxon Valdez oil spill caused people "respiratory, nervous system, liver, kidney and blood disorders". Like 9527, 9500 can cause hemolysis (rupture of blood cells) and may also cause internal bleeding.

Corexit is more toxic than dispersants made by several competitors and less effective in handling southern Louisiana crude. On May 20, 2010, the Environmental Protection Agency ordered BP to look for less toxic alternatives to Corexit, and later ordered BP to stop spraying dispersants, but BP responded that it thought that Corexit was the best alternative and continued to spray it.

Dr Earle continues, "Deploying dispersants at the wellhead and on the surface many miles from shore is shockingly irresponsible. It means you are taking oil that could be collected on the surface and causing it to go where it is impossible to recover. Life in the water column is exposed to the chemicals from the surface and it's killing all the way."

MuCHEM PLANEch of the 1.1million barrels of COREXIT have been sprayed across the expanding slick from Hercules C130 transport planes. How much of this spray has been carried on the winds and how much has been sucked up into the weather systems which traverse the Gulf at this time of year as they form the seasonal Tropical Storms and Hurricanes? How much toxic rainfall has already percolated into the water table of the South Eastern United States? With another four months of the Hurricane season remaining, the South Eastern United States is likely to become as toxic as the DU impregnated soil of Iraq. It is entirely feasible that Florida and the coastal areas of Louisiana, Alabama & Mississippi will experience be an unprecedented increase in birth defects within the next 12 months. The likelihood of the South-Eastern USA becoming completely uninhabitable, due to the combined effects of the unstemmed oil and untold quantities of dispersant, (not to mention the as yet undiscussed gas clouds collecting over the Gulf) is a prediction that's becoming ever more likely as the debacle rapidly approaches its fourth month.

Yet thousands of British & other European families are about to take part in the most toxic experiment on humanity since British & American serviceman were deliberately exposed to the radiation durimg the period of airborne testing of atomic weapons, by being permitted (even actively encouraged) to continue with their vacation plans into an area that is rapidly becoming saturated with unacceptable (and unreported) levels of toxicity.

The bottom line is that the Industrial, Military, Media complex appears to have closed ranks to ensure that the magnitude of the unfolding catastrophe is deliberately kept from the unsuspecting British & European families, who might actually be safer if they did take their vacation in Gaza! The airlines, the travel companies and the likes of Disney and Universal studios all electing to look the other way, whilst the media dare not say anything for fear of losing £millions in advertising revenues from these vested interests.

I have to wonder who is going to be liable for the compensation claims and potential medical bills when holidaymakers start bleeding from the rectum, an early symptom of blood toxicity becoming increasingly common amongst shrimpers and clean-up workers? Because BP will either be bankrupt by the end of the summer ... or more likely sold off to Exxon!

To add insult to injury, I am receiving reports from oilfield geologists which raise the spectre of the seabed rising due to a build-up of reservoir pressure ... or could it be volcanic pressure? Either way, if the seabed blows (with or without the help of an implanted nuclear device) the resultant tsunami would make the 2004 Asian tsunami seem like a ripple in a pond. In which case, Florida is TOAST!

We'll know soon enough if this threat is taken seriously by the US Government; 'cos they'll either seal off Florida to prevent anyone leaving ... or they'll initiate a vacuation procedure which could result in thousands of tourists trading a Thomas Cook Hotel for a FEMA camp. Tough choice, eh?

If you or anyone you know is thinking of taking a vacation in Florida ... encourage them to do some research for themselves, As least then, they'll know why they start to get ill a few weeks or months after they return home ... or when they see an 80ft wall of water hurtling towards them over Space Mountain, they'll know that it's probably not part of the Disney Parade!

The long term ramifications of the BP Horizon disaster are of such enormity that our collective response to it may well become the determining factor for the survival of the species ... so what are we going to do about it?

Are we going to help raise awareness of what's occurring ... or join the MSM and stick our heads up our (soon to be bleeding) collective Butts?

Until next time. .

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Ian R Crane


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